Client: Serpentine Gallieries
Pavilion Architect:
Junya Ishigami + Associates
Location: Kensington Gardens, London

Designed by Junya Ishigami + Associates, The 19th Serpentine Pavilion explores pushing the boundaries of what is possible in architecture, by challenging existing architectural methodologies and proposing alternatives.

Ishigami, celebrated for his experimental structures interprets traditional architectural convention reflecting natural phenomena and explains how his design for this year's Serpentine Pavilion was built to resemble a "stone hill".

"I knew that the Serpentine site is in the middle of a park so I wanted to make the architecture part of the landscape rather than making it an independent building," Ishigami.

While the pavilion is designed with the surrounding landscape in mind, Ishigami hopes the pavilion will spark the imagination of visitors to interpret its shape differently.

"At a certain moment, it might be perceived as a black bird against the sky. The roof of the pavilion becomes a pair of wings with slate feathers."